Solar Power, Batteries and Electrical.

Tailored solutions for the Sunshine Coast.

Solar Power

Not only is solar great for the environment, but with the right solar solution, you could say goodbye to electricity bills.

Home Energy Storage

A truly effective solar solution to your home or business will include an energy storage system to guarantee savings.

Electrical & Energy Saving

Whether you’re an existing customer with a solar system, or looking to create an efficient home or business, we can help.

When you invest in a solar power solution through Eco-Logic Energy, we take care of everything from design to installation.

Switching to solar means your energy supply isn’t creating greenhouse emissions, waste and other nasty contaminants a typical fossil fuel power station creates. Solar power is lean, green and mean – to your power bills.

Our credentials

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall is one the most cost-effective battery systems on the market today. Compatible with all installed solar power systems, the Powerwall contains an integrated 5kW inverter to provide a smart and simple option for maximising your generated solar power after the sun has gone down.

Clean Energy Council Accredited. Tesla Powerwall Certified. REC Solar Professional. Eco-Logic Energy is a family-run business based on the Sunshine Coast.