Electrical & Energy Saving.

Whether you’re an existing customer with a solar system, or looking to create an efficient home or business, we can help.

One of the biggest losses through the household energy system is heat created by old halogen/incandescent lightbulbs. We can guide you through swapping to new efficient LED lighting, and in most cases can reduce power consumption by approximately 80%.

We use the EdgeConx system to monitor your homes individual circuits. This can aid in identifying inefficient appliances, make best use of solar power, and even monitor older solar power systems to check if they operation efficiently.

Solar servicing and cleaning

When was the last time your system was checked by an electrician?

Australian Standard 5033 states that a yearly check of the electrical components should be performed.

As master electricians, we can check over your system and supply you with a full report on the health and condition of each part. This includes a safety check and any recommendations to extend the life of your system.

While we are servicing your system, we will clean the panels, and remove any mildew or build-up from around them. This alone can improve the performance of the system by 5%, saving you money. We also check your panels using the latest thermal camera technology, to ensure there are no underlying internal issues.

Inverter replacement

Solar Inverter replacement

The price below is for your existing solar inverter taken off wall, new inverter installed, and old inverter removed from site.

Replacement solar inverter prices below are for a good quality single phase inverter. In most cases, we will match the inverter with its modern version, or replace with either a Sungrow, Growatt or Goodwe. Most inverters offer a 10 year warranty as standard.

If you would rather a more expensive European made inverter, please call us on 0457491694 or head to our contact page.


Inverter Size Price

1.5kw                    $1100
2kw                       $1200
3kw                       $1300
4kw                       $1400
5kw                       $1500
10kw – 3 phase  $2500


Solar Inverter Fault

When your inverter dies or starts giving error codes, you might notice a spike in your electricity bill or an alarm coming from your inverter. We can help you out with all of these issues. With many years experience fault-finding in industrial electrical systems, we can quickly and easily diagnose your system, give you on-point advice and work towards a solution together.

Switchboard upgrades

When it comes to electrical safety, your meter box is the heart of the system. Installing safety switches to your existing circuits or replacing old faulty safety switches, is the greatest way to ensure both the safety of your family and protect your home from electrical faults that can cause fire. All Queensland homes are required to have safety switches installed on the power circuits. The latest Australian standard requires all circuits to be covered by a safety switch. We can guide you on the most cost-effective, safest option to look after your home and loved ones.

Eco-Logic Energy conducts home electrical checks via Master Electricians Australia, to ensure your home is safe, free of recalled products. We use thermal imaging to check for hot joints or any signs of arcs. These issues can lead to house fires and should be checked for regularly.


Other services we offer

• Installing timers onto storage hot water systems
• Surge diverters installation to protect sensitive equipment from electrical storms
• Thermal imaging and switchboard checks
• Provide written reports for insurance
• Energy monitoring equipment installation
• Installing kWh meters downstream of your Energex meter to confirm its accuracy.

Want to make your home or business more energy efficient?