We’ll help you navigate the energy maze.

Investing in solar energy can be a daunting prospect. There are a lot of variables and enough technology to make it very confusing. We’re here to help. We follow these simple steps to ensure you get the best outcome for your requirements and budget.

1. Discussion

First we need to understand why you have embarked on the solar journey so that we can tailor our designs to your needs. We can do this by finding out information about your household, equipment preferences, and your budget for the project. You'll speak to a qualified electrician about your solar needs.

2. Evaluation

We will analyse your power usage and tale into account any future additional loads that you may be wishing to offset. This will allow us to scale your system accurately.

3. Design

We design your system based: available roof space, summer/winter usage, night/daytime use, and any requirements for batteries. All of our systems are custom designed for your individual needs. We at EcoLogic Energy take great pride in offering the best possible outcome by using state-of-the-art modelling software.

4. Installation

Your solar will be installed to the latest in CEC guidelines and Australian standards. We ensure that the quality products we use are able to withstand the harsh Australian elements.

5. Ongoing support

After your solar is installed and producing free, clean energy from the sun, the journey does not end there. We are available to answer questions for you regarding your install, and will monitor the system remotely, ensuring your system is running efficiently and effectively.

Let us navigate you through the energy maze.