Quality Solar Energy systems for your home and business.

Not only is solar great for the environment, but with the right solar solution, you could say goodbye to electricity bills.

When you invest in a solar power solution through Eco-Logic Energy, we take care of everything from design to installation.

Solar energy for a better future

More than ever we need to curb our emissions. Switching to solar means your energy supply isn’t creating greenhouse emissions, waste and other nasty contaminants a typical fossil fuel power station creates. Solar power is lean, green and mean – to your power bills.

Say goodby to power bills

An effective solar power system will produce more power than your home requires, covering both your daytime usage, and that which you need for nighttime when there is no sun. To make use of excess energy, a home energy storage system can guarantee you are completely off-the-grid, saving you money.

Our Guarantee

We take the confusion out of solar energy for our clients, providing them with clear options tailored to their needs.
Every install is important to us. We never sub-contract our work, assuring our customers that their solar installation has been carried out by us and only us. We guarantee quality design, workmanship and ongoing support.
With the right solar solution, you’ll save money.

The Enphase system uses micro-inverters under each panel to produce power, rather than the inverter box on the wall you may have seen around. Not only is this system more aesthetically pleasing, there are other benefits to this system:

Safety: No DC cabling from the roof to the inverter greatly increases safety and reduces fire risk on your house.
Shading: Enphase systems will be on average 33% more efficient when used in an environment where shade from trees, buildings, aerials etc is an issue.
Monitoring: you gain the ability to monitor what each panel is producing to identify if there is any unexpected losses, and find any underperforming panels.

There is a cost increase involved with Enphase, so it is best to weigh up if this is the right system for your design.

We have partnered with REC Group Solar to be able to offer a 25 year product and performance warranty on all REC installations that we complete. This warranty provides a certificate stating the dates the warranty is covered, and is a great sign that you have chosen quality for your house if you should ever decide to sell. REC manufacture all of their panels from their Singapore factory.


We are able to offer in-house finance through our partner Plenti Green Loans. Our aim with these systems is that your savings from solar will be greater than the cost of the repayments. In every case though it will be cheaper in the long term to buy a system outright, however we understand that that may not be the preferred method for everyone.

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